Is your child struggling with Chinese?

Learning Chinese can be as easy as ABC with KidStartNow's award winning programme.

Find out how we transformed 1000+ kids who previously hated Chinese to loving and excelling at Chinese - through 3 simple steps.

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For Nursery, Kindergarten, & Lower Pri Students

We are located 2 minutes from Bedok MRT, at 209 New Upper Changi Road, #03-649, S(460209).

Find out how KidStartNow helped Jue Ming top Feng Shan Primary:

Here's how KidStartNow helped Brayann go from not knowing Chinese to becoming an expert Mandarin speaker:


Studies show kids learn up to 4x faster when they are engaged and motivated. Forcing kids to do endless flashcards and exercises without making the lesson appealing will make kids hate Chinese and achieve poor results. 

Our curriculum combines great teachers, engaging digital media and fun games to make learning Chinese fun and effective.

Our students love coming for class!


To succeed, your child needs to believe that they can excel in Chinese. We use a combination of Growth Mindset & Gamification to motivate kids to believe and work hard.

Kids are given digital coins when they participate in class or do homework, which can be exchanged for rewards. This gamification system motivates students to fast-track their learning, with similar techniques employed by leading US universities such as New York University, University of Michigan and Indiana University.


Your child is unique, so why should they learn the same way as everyone else? 

Using Singapore's first artificial intelligence system for Chinese, we track your child's strengths, weaknesses and learning styles. We then tailor our teaching accordingly to ensure your child learns faster and easier.

We also provide parents with monthly reports on your child's progress, areas for improvement, and actionable tips on how to help them continue learning Chinese at home.

KidStartNow's Appeal-Believe-Customize (ABC) Method

KidStartNow's classes have received rave reviews from countless parents and Mummy bloggers. Here's what they have to say:

"K has been attending KidStartNow for a few years now. She wasn't great at Chinese to begin with - so it's amazing how comfortable she is with the language now. She also counts Chinese as one of her favourite subjects! 

Lyn, Mother of K

“My son’s SA2 results really exceeded our expectations and he topped Feng Shan Primary School, all thanks to KidStartNow!

Lee Kwong Luen, Father of Jue Ming

"After joining KidStartNow, Brayann's become a lot more confident. His (kindergarten) teachers say that he has improved a lot, and they are very impressed with the sudden change.”

Cecilia, Mother of Brayann

"Tyler was previously clueless about Chinese, but thanks to KidStartNow, he recently scored full marks in his Chinese test in school."

Lissa, Mother of Tyler

Loved by many

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We are located 2 minutes from Bedok MRT, at 209 New Upper Changi Road, #03-649, S(460209).

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